Generate Conference 2019

The Generate Conference is aimed at equipping church leaders to be more effective in growing gospel ministries, under God and for the glory of God.


“And [Christ] gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ…”

Ephesians 4:11-13 [ESV]

You’re probably quite familiar with these verses. We read that Jesus has given leaders to the church so that they, in turn, equip “the saints” (i.e. normal Christians) for the works of ministry which, in turn, build the church.

OK. So, equipping the saints for service is our main job as church pastors and that’s how the church grows.

But it’s easier read than done.

How do we actually get this right?

How do we raise up new generations of leaders, preachers, teachers and volunteers to do the ministries which drive the growth and health of the local church?

That’s what the Generate Conference this year is all about.

Day 1

Training Preachers in the church

Main speaker: Michael Raiter

We’ve all received some kind of training in how to preach but few preachers have been taught how to train new preachers. So, how can we get equipped to raise up a healthy new generation of preachers in our churches?

More specifically: 

•  What Biblical principles should shape our training of new preachers?

•  What are some effective strategies to raise up new preachers?

•  How do you mentor, evaluate and give feedback to new preachers?

Michael Raiter is a highly experienced teacher and preacher, having served for many years in various theological colleges. He is currently the Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching (, an organisation that seeks to train and equip churches around the globe in expository preaching. Mike is also the author of a number of books.

Days 2 & 3

Developing Leaders at every level of the church

Main speaker: Craig Hamilton

Churches will only grow and develop healthily if leaders and volunteers are being raised up from within the congregation. But our plans for growth are often reliant on, either giving the existing ministry staff more to do, or just hiring more ministry staff. 

So how do we equip and develop more and more people, from within the church, to become servant-hearted leaders and volunteers?

More specifically: 

•  What are the right scriptural foundations for understanding leadership and service?

•  What will we need to cultivate in our own hearts and what will we need to watch out for?

•  How can we actually empower and enable others to make things happen in the church?

•  How can we build a leadership pipeline that allows for healthy growth and succession throughout the church?

Craig Hamilton is the author of “Wisdom in Leadership” (Matthias Media, 2016) a hugely helpful book aimed at equipping Christians in the task of leadership. He’s a well-known speaker and trainer in these areas. In his local church he coaches leaders, in addition to recruiting, developing, and deploying leaders and helping to set up leadership structures for various ministries across the church.


Anyone in your church who you think would benefit! But the main focus is on: Church leaders and leadership teams, associate pastors, senior volunteers, interns & apprentices.

Cape Town*
St Peters Church Fish Hoek
Christchurch Umhlangha
Hope Church Melville
DAY 1 Tue 7th MayTue 14th MayFri 17th May
Day 2Thur 9th MayWed 15th MayMon 20th May
Day 3Fri 10th MayThur 16th MayTue 21st May

* Cape Town: Notice that, due to the National Elections, there is a day’s break between Day 1 and the rest of the conference.

** Gauteng: Notice that, due to the itineraries of the main speakers, there is a weekend break between Day 1 and the rest of the conference.


R100 per day
This includes lunch and snacks each day.

Pre-Registration is essential.

Make sure to identify which of the three locations and which days you will be attending.


In cash on the day OR EFT (in advance)

Standard Bank (Fish Hoek)
Account name: St Peters Church
Account No: 270372806
Branch Code: 036009